They get up early 3 days in a row by long lines to receive the Wellbeing scholarship in Culiacán

Sinaloa.- In the early hours of the morning and for 3 days, Luz del Carmen Burgos, moved from Dautillos, Navolato, to Culiacan in order to access the economic support corresponding to the Wellness scholarships.

With the long lines that cover up to 3 blocks in the center of Culiacán, an endless number of users seek to obtain the resource of 3 months behind in the federal support payments formerly known as Prospera, enduring long hours of waiting and enduring the suffocating heat to receive care at the wellness bank located on Álvaro Obregón avenue.

In the case of Luz del Carmen, he said that it is since Monday that very early, at two in the morning, he went to try to make the benefit valid, however, there were already too many people by 3:30 in the morning who arrived in Culiacán and could not attend to her, on Tuesday the situation was repeated but at least she reached one turn to be attended until Wednesday at noon and after several hours of waiting.

They get up early 3 days in a row to receive a Wellbeing scholarship in Culiacán | Photo: José Betanzos / Debate

Luz del Carmen has three children of school age, and she needs the money to be able to pay for some of the expenses they require, a situation that pushed her to move from Dautillos, Navolato, and by car from her neighbors who gave her support, all for necessity.

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“Out of necessity, and for the children one comes, to buy the things that he needs, I have three children and one of them at the university,” she said, while standing in line to be attended by the bank staff.


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