They get the first catches of shrimp! Fishermen from El Colorado, Ahome, have a good start fishing for crustacean

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- At noon the first boat arrived at the El Colorado fishing ground, from the municipality of Ahome, with the first shrimp catches, after the lifting of the ban on the precious crustacean today.

The panga Yoremitos arrived at the cooperative of the same name, with 150 kilos of good-sized shrimp.

In this way, fishermen riparian after having entered the marine waters from 6:00 am on this day, they returned with the “gold of the sea”, after the six months that the period of prohibition of the capture of this product lasted to take care of its reproduction.

According to the men of the sea, from this boat, they had a lucky start of fishing, when they obtained 150 kilos of the valuable crustacean.

They stated that the ban was always lifted on September 1 and that the date has been extended.

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The fishing of shrimp in bays entered into a ban on March 15, but as of today it has been released so that fishermen can capture the product and thus reactivate the economy of the fishing fields and the commercial sector.

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