They find a man hanged in a cell on the municipal rail of Ahome, Sinaloa

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- A man who had been stopped for being involved in a brawl, he allegedly hanged himself in the railing of Public Safety and Municipal Transit of Ahome, during the early hours of this Thursday.

The deceased was identified by the authorities as Juan Carlos G, 48, originally from Pachuca.

Data collected indicate that at approximately 02:00 hours, Juan Carlos G., and three other individuals were reported to the 911 emergency service for fighting in Santos Degollado and Bienestar Boulevard in the vicinity of the Social Security Gyneco-Pediatric Hospital located in the neighborhood. Well-being of Los Mochis.

Municipal preventive agents arrived at the scene and arrested those involved in the fight. There they noticed that one of the subjects was badly beaten and they took him to a hospital.

Later they transferred the three people to the municipal railing. However, at 02:30 hours, the personnel who are on duty at the railing realized that Juan Carlos G. was hanging and quickly opened the cell, lowered him and called the doctor on duty who gave him first aid, but the individual no longer had vital signs.

Later, Investigative Police from the State of Sinaloa arrived together with an expert to collect data on the events. They even checked the cameras that are installed on the municipal railing.

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At the end of the first proceedings, funeral employees collected the body and took it to their facilities to perform a necropsy and find out the causes that led to the death of Juan Carlos G.

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