They fear getting sick from dengue! They do not support the plague of flies in Las Mañanitas de Los Mochis

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Neighbors of Las Mañanitas subdivision, from the city of Los Mochis, are desperate because they cannot bear the plague of flies.

Obviously desperate, the inhabitants of this sector of the city said they were annoyed at not being taken into account for the fumigation campaigns, because in addition to being in one of the peripheries of the city, there are many lots mounted there and also many puddles that have remained from the rains that have occurred in recent days.


Faced with this situation and in an effort to make the flies disappear a little, the same neighbors have decided to burn garbage or branches so that the smoke drives away the animals.

“The truth is that we can’t stand the flies. It is an abuse, before it was only in the afternoon, but now they do not respect time, the same is in the morning as in the afternoon and at night. You cannot be outside the house. Many neighbors in their desperation have decided to gather branches and pieces of trees to burn, even garbage, so that the smoke can carry away the flies ”, said one of the neighbors.

In that sense, he asked the corresponding authorities to act accordingly and carry out cleaning campaigns, but especially fumigation.

“What we want is for them to come and spray. It is also not good that people are burning because it can turn into a tragedy. God save the fire reaches a house or some person. I think the solution here is for the truck to come to fumigate because we can’t be like this, this situation is desperate, “said another of the neighbors.

And they fear that due to this plague that exists they will become ill with dengue or another disease transmitted by the fly.

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“What we don’t want is for people here to end up getting sick because it wouldn’t be fair. Here the authorities have to do their job. Not because they are leaving, they have to forget about their obligations, and what we, the people, are demanding at this moment is fumigation. “

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