They extend records to more than 220 thousand borrowers who have already settled debts with Banrural and BNCI

Mexico.- Accredited to Banrural and BNCI They can now go to any of the 94 National Finance agencies or one of the 12 regional assistance offices of the INDEP, where, when presenting an official identification, information will be provided and the forms will be delivered to request your Constancy of No Debt.

This is due to the agreement signed by the National Financial for Agricultural, Rural, Forestry and Fisheries Development (FND) and the Institute to Give Back to the People the Stolen (INDEP) to facilitate the process of releasing guarantees to the borrowers of the National Credit Societies that made up the National Rural Credit Bank (Banrural) and the National Bank of Internal Commerce (BNCI), whose credits are settled and under the administration of INDEP .

Through this agreement, which was signed between both institutions on July 8, it is intended to benefit 220 thousand borrowers, who together requested more than 500 thousand loans from BANRURAL y BNCI, which have already been liquidated.

This process may begin when the accredited or legitimate applicant goes to any of the 94 agencies of the FND or to one of the 12 regional care offices of INDEP, where, upon presenting an official identification, the information will be provided and the forms to request your Proof of No Debt will be delivered.

It is important to mention that the collateral release process is aimed at providing legal certainty to the beneficiaries of the program, as well as facilities to regularize their assets and achieve financial inclusion.

Once the Proof of No Debt, the borrowers will release their mortgage guarantees and cover the cost with the notary of their choice.

In the same way, both institutions highlighted that the service at the counter is a completely free procedure, while also clarifying that, with this social justice program, the Government of Mexico seeks to settle a historical debt with rural producers in the country.

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In case of any doubt about the location of the customer service windows, it is recommended to visit the following email addresses: y, or, call 800 710 4555 or write to the email [email protected]

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