They ended up naked! Passengers lynch robbers in Mexico-Texcoco (VIDEO)

State of Mexico.- What would have culminated as yet another assault on public transport van It ended up being a lynching of two alleged thieves who thought they would surprise a group of passengers in the Mexico-Texoco.

A video circulates on social networks showing how several passengers, probably fed up with impunity when they are assaulted and violated while returning to their homes, end up stripping and beating two subjects who wanted to take their belongings from them.

Tired of the insecurity that they live day by day in the middle of the public thoroughfare of the Edomex, the passengers “took justice in their hands” during the night of last Saturday, September 11 at the Mexico-Texcoco highway.

And it is that at the height of the Magdalena de los Reyes, the criminals tried to deprive the crew of a van that was heading to the municipality of Texcoco of their belongings, but they did not count on them to defend themselves collectively.

“They are the rat!”This is what the nearly eight passengers shouted as they got out of the combi fiercely to start hitting and kicking both assailants; the driver of the van stopped the march so that they all got out in the middle of the road.

A few minutes later elements of the municipal police arrived to take action on the matter, but their mere presence did not manage to end the lynchings as both thieves continued to be attacked and even denuded by the passengers.

In the video it is clearly seen how one of the policemen approaches to protect one of the thieves trying to calm the angry passengers, but it was not enough despite the fact that he even had his firearm drawn in his left hand.

At the end of the broadcast video, which does not show exactly how everything ended, it is possible to see that the passengers tear the pants of one of them and spank him “for being disobedient” and for “messing with people”.

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As a hypothesis, it is presumed that the driver could have been part of the robbery attempt since he disappeared from the scene when both thieves began to be beaten; so far its identity is unknown.

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