They do so. The Cobra and One-Betta dogs are the covid-19 detectors at the Miami airport. Video

Miami.- “Cobra” y “One-Betta”, the two protagonists of the first program with dogs trained to detect covid-19 at a Miami airport, they showed how they discovered the presence of the virus that caused the pandemic.

According to what Kenneth G. Furton, head of the entity that has trained dogs, the International Forensic Research Institute (IFRI) at Florida International University (FIU), “Cobra” and “One Betta” can detect the covid-19 with a reliability level of 97.5%, higher than that of some laboratory or pharmaceutical tests.

The two bitches, a shepherd from Mechelen (Belgium) and another Dutch shepherd, are the protagonists of a pilot program that takes place for 30 days at the entrance of employees of the American Airlines terminal in the Miami International Airport (MY).

Furton indicated that another 30-day trial program is planned to be conducted at the County Government Headquarters in Miami-Dade and another one in the port of Miami and subsequently, and based on the results obtained, the authorities will decide what role they give to the COVID-19 detector dogs.

In the test that Efe witnessed, American Airlines workers who volunteered to do so circulated through a corridor between two separation screens that reached their waist and stopped at the points marked for it.

There they would remove their masks and hold them with their hands above the separation screen on their right, so that one of them the bitches led by a trainer could sniff them out.

When the dog sits down after sniffing a mask it means that it detected at covid-19 and if it passes by, it is that there is no presence of coronavirus, explained a coach.

During the demonstration, the dogs, who alternate between 30-minute work sessions, did not detect the covid-19 none of the workers who circulated through the corridors.

American Airlines does not require its workers to be vaccinated against covid-19 Nor to do this test before entering the workplace, although most agreed to take it to see in action “Cobra” y “One-Betta”.

In case they had detected the covid-19, the person in question had been taken to the airport infirmary and subjected to a test of the covid-19 to corroborate whether he actually had the disease.

Furton indicated that the great advantage of using dogs to detect covid-19 in areas where large numbers of people are concentrated is how quickly they can track the virus.

He also stressed that in dogs that are already trained to detect fire, explosives or drugs, it only takes a maximum of three weeks to train them to detect the covid-19.

If the dog is a novice, it may take about three months.

“Cobra” y “One-Betta” they were previously trained to detect a pest that is causing extensive damage to avocado plantations in Florida.

To train them in the detection of COVID-19, they used sick masks, previously sterilized with ultraviolet rays, which were supplied by Miami hospitals, said Furton, who has been working with dogs for 25 years and has achieved the first certification for a canine detection team. of the covid-19.

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