They do not stop, they collide and end up at the bottom of the storm drain in Mazatlán, Sinaloa

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The crew of a Chevrolet Aveo vehicle ended up at the bottom of a Rain channel not having made the corresponding stop and having caused a type accident shock during the early hours of Thursday, in the city of Mazatlán.

The report of said road accident occurred at approximately 03:00 hours, where it was mentioned that on Francisco Solís Avenue, almost at the intersection with Lorenzo Garza Street in the El Toreo Fraccionamiento, a white vehicle had fallen along with its crew members. to a rain gutter and apparently there were injured people, so they requested the presence of emergency forces at the site.

Elements of Veteran Firefighters were transferred to the site aboard a machine and an ambulance with paramedical personnel to attend to the occupants of a white Chevrolet Aveo vehicle that was at the bottom of a storm drain.

After carrying out the maneuvers to be able to descend and attend to the crew members and after having made an assessment, it was determined that two people needed to be transferred to the emergency room of a local hospital due to the injuries they presented.

In the place, a Kía Blanco vehicle also showed damage where there were no injured people.

Municipal Transit elements were in charge of taking cognizance of what happened and carrying out the corresponding expert opinion to define the due responsibilities.

Regarding the accident, it was commented that the Kia vehicle was circulating on Francisco Solís Avenue heading south when, upon reaching the intersection with Lorenzo Garza Street, the driver of the Aveo car did not make his corresponding stop being hit on the side and which ended up at the bottom of the pluvíal canal with the aforementioned results.

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With the support of the cranes, the participating units were removed from the site and moved to the municipal pension in the Valles del Ejido neighborhood.

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