They denounce abuse of leader of invasion of land of the Government of Sinaloa in Aguaruto, Culiacán

Sinaloa.- One territorial reserve of 30 hectares located in the receivership of Aguaruto, in the municipality of Culiacán, Sinaloa, has been invaded Since three years ago.

The one who carried out this invasion is a well-known leader who has already been expelled from other invasions such as one of the receivership of Costa Rica because he promises things that he cannot fulfill, since the lands for which he asks for cooperation are not his, denounced Noe Heredia Ayón , holder of the Sinaloa State Housing Commission (CVIVE).

From the property of Costa Rica he brings a fraud of around 3 million pesos, at present some of his assistants in the Aguaruto receivership are selling the same lot up to three times, which is generating a lot of disagreements, in addition he is already sending people to invade private properties for which some demands have already been raised.

This leader abuses the need of the people because he encourages them to invade and then the problems will be for them because he “throws the stone and hides his hand.”

Images of homes considered invasions, located in Aguaruto | Photo: Cristina Félix / Debate

According to the state official, he has asked this leader to sit down to conciliate, but he has refused because by supporting the Housing Commission to the families of this invasion that does need the lot, he would lose his way of earning money, because there are people who have already given him a thousand, 5 thousand, 10 and even 15 thousand pesos for a lot, he also sold a notarized possession for 5 thousand pesos to the invaders which does not cost more than 700 pesos with a notary in addition to this document it is of no use to them and he knows that.

For humanity the Culiacán Potable Water and Sewerage Board (Japac) He has brought water to some people who live there and this is used by the leader to tell them that they are going to provide this service.

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These lands are not free and one day the people who invaded them are going to have to come closer and there they will realize that the leader deceived them, he exposed. In order to put this land in conditions, around 50 million pesos have to be invested, otherwise it will flood and there will be no public services.


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