They demand to reveal ownership of the Coahuila mine where miners are trapped

Mexico City.- The PAN senator Xóchitl Gálvez demanded to the Secretaries of Economy and of Labor and Social Welfare to to make known the name of the concessionaire of the mine in which ten workers remain trapped in Coahuila.

“I would call the 4T to stop making the plug and make the mine concessionaire known. That the Economy and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, which are not in the place of the rescue, do not come up with the sleeve of the died ‘right now the important thing is to rescue people’. Of course the important thing is to rescue people, but it is also important that the person responsible is not going to be peeled, “he said.

After recalling that the page of the Federal Directorate of Mines of the Ministry of Economy has been down for several months, the secretary of the Anticorruption Commission said that with this tool the name of the owner, who has not been identified, could be known.

“What they tell me unofficially is that because the domain has not been paid, they stopped paying and the page went down, but that can be a good excuse to be not very transparent.

“I find it incredible that to this day it is not known who the concessionaire of that mine is, because everything indicates that the concessionaire gave it to a contractor to work, he did not even work it himself. It would be necessary to know what the contract of the dealership with the contractor and under what conditions,” he reproached.

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Until now, the authority has not informed who owns the mine in the community of Agujita in Sabinas, Coahuila.

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