They demand more vigilance! Neighbors suffer constant assaults in Arboledas 1 in Mazatlán

Sinaloa.- Neighbors of the Arboledas 1 neighborhood in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, demand that the elements of the Ministry of Public Security carry out constant rounds and surveillance is maintained in the area during the first hours of the day and especially at night, since they mention that they are constant victims of the lovers of others.

“Well, look, the robberies had already decreased, we had a good time that did not happen but it has been a few months to date that they are stealing from houses and assaulting people, especially during the morning when they go to work and in At night, they walk on foot and even on a motorcycle and steal and leave, without anyone being able to do something, apart from when we call to give the report, they take hours to answer and ask for a lot of information and when they feel like it, the patrols and police officers arrive. Thieves, since when they left, ”commented a neighbor from Cedros Street in that settlement.

They mention that thieves have even caused physical damage to them at the time of their misdeeds, such is the case of a young man who suffered fractures in one of his arms and in his hip, when he left very early to take the urban truck to go to his source of work.

Neighbors suffer constant assaults in Arboledas 1 in Mazatlán | Photo: Víctor Hugo Olivas / Debate

“Look here my son was the victim of an assault, he was going to take the truck when the robbers came out and when he stole it and did not carry much money they beat him out of anger and even caused a fracture in his arm and hip, they had to take to hospitalization and well the police did nothing, since as they always arrive late although we are doing well, I do not know what is happening, they are supposed to be able to take care of us and they treat us as if we would have been criminals, they treat one of a very rude way without giving them reasons, like they are always angry and finish off against you, I really thank God that nothing worse happened to my son, he is alive, which is the most important thing ”, reported a lady who preferred to omit his name due to fear of reprisals.

Criminals have entered the courtyards of some homes that have been detected that they are alone because whose owners go out to work during the day and already arrive and are sadly surprised that they were victims when they found their homes open or inside All scrambled.

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It is for this reason that the residents of Calle Cedros del Fraccionamiento Arboledas 1 call on the authorities in matters of public security in the port to provide them with adequate surveillance and to carry out constant surveillance rounds to inhibit this type of crimes of which they have been victims.

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