They deliver 16 radios to elements of Public Security of Angostura

Sinaloa.- Today a simple but significant event was held at the Angostura Public Security Directorate, in which a 16 spoke delivery to elements Emergency Services and Public Safety from the municipality of Angustura, a project that facilitates and improves the work of the personnel of the aforementioned services.

Sergio Lagunes, Director of SPyTM of Angostura, commented that the material they receive today was a necessity, since this will allow them to maintain better communication between the traffic personnel, the Fire Department and the Red Cross.

The mayor of the municipality, Aglaee Montoya Martínez, said that delivering this material fills her with happiness, since this is a goal achieved, part of the Municipal Development Plan, she added that this is a very important project, this allows the previous elements mentioned in frequency and without limits in terms of communication, since sometimes in the middle of natural storms it is almost impossible to stay in contact with each other due to the fact that the telephone lines are affected, which complicates and delays them work and attention to those who need it.

He added that this brings countless benefits, exemplified mentioned that sometimes the Red Cross and Firefighters receive false alarms and in the absence of communication material, unnecessary trips are made, which implies a waste of diesel and loss of time. Fortunately, now that they have these radios, this type of setback will be avoided.

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He took the opportunity to congratulate the director of SPyTM, Sergio Lagunes, who was in charge of managing this important and necessary project.

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