They burn garbage in the streets of Morelos

Those who are very fed up with the burning of garbage and other irregularities are the residents of the Morelos neighborhood, in Culiacán, so they call on the manager of Public Works and Services, Manuel Ochoa Salazar, to give them a solution to the They have been living for a long time, as they claim that there are people who burn waste in the streets and this generates a strong pollution with smoke. If you live the same row in your neighborhood and want to reach a solution, you can report this type of problem to the municipal authorities at fon 667 758 0101.

> Are you looking for chamba?
The Directorate of Public Safety in Guasave is looking for a young breed that has a lot of desire to work, a reference that is athletic and is not afraid of thugs, this so that they form part of the corporation, because although it is said that with the elements that are They have the function is fulfilled, the reality is that they continue to appear illegal and there are complaints about the lack of patrol in some communities. If you are interested in being part of the team, you can contact Miguel Ángel Martínez Catana, director of the corporation, at 687 872 1232.

> Urge un amuleto
Apparently, in the Potable Water and Sewerage Board of Salvador Alvarado (Japasa) they are going to need an amulet to help defaulters finish catching up to see if finances stabilize a bit, because the situation is not finds it very easy after the payment of this fortnight to the workers was delayed for paying part of the debt with the CFE in order to have the service, while now it remains to be seen if in the final stretch of the administration they will be able to bear the expenses that have to be done without asking for support from the State Government. If you know of someone who can make an effective amulet, call the manager of the Board, Manuel Beltrán, at 673 732 0229.

> Nobody knows, nobody knew

With all open registries, they are in the Valle Cañaveral subdivision in the municipality of Ahome. On Max Sherb Street, lovers of other people’s things have been stealing their covers and leaving the waste of houses outdoors, in addition to a hole in the sidewalks that endangers pedestrians and more when it floods, because it also the drains are clogged with garbage and branches. Now what they want is for them to help them cover them up and they will make a call to the manager of the Japama, Hernán Medina, at 668 812 0404 to resolve this quarrel as soon as possible.

> Heavy machine operator is sought
The Mazatlán City Council is looking for operators of heavy machinery, as it seems that they currently do not know how to do their job, since according to residents of the Pino Suárez invasion, they have come on various occasions to supposedly fix the waterlogging problem. But instead they make the wells deeper, causing the water to stagnate for more days. Interested in the jale, please contact us at 669 915 8007, with José Daniel Tirado Zamudio, director of Public Works in the puddle.

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