They bring the Wellness Fair to the Mochicahui, in Ahome

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Just over 35 thousand services have been provided in all editions of the program Wellness Fair that have been carried out in different communities and neighborhoods.

This Saturday, it was at the Cristóbal Colón elementary school of Infonavit Macapule where areas such as Public Services, Japama, Welfare, Health, among others, were carried out.

During the start, Mayor Gerardo Vargas Landeros congratulated and thanked the great response from attendees, highlighting that it has been the most popular fair.

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“We are fulfilling the commitment we made with you, commitments to be close to you, to solve the highest priority problems such as drainage, water, pavements, scholarships, potholes, cleaning, garbage and of course, as far as possible make them a better home, which is the schools. Today on this day we are carrying out the fair number 19, every Saturday we go out to approach you to see the problems you have, attend to children, youth, adults, anyone who has a necessity,” he said.

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