They bring the Wellness Fair to the Ejido Flor Azul in Ahome

Los Mochis.- The flagship program of the municipal government of Ahome Directed by Mayor Gerardo Octavio Vargas Landeros, the Wellness Fair has been consolidated not only in Ahome but also in Sinaloa and is replicated by other municipalities for its successes in serving citizens in their own neighborhoods.

This was confirmed by the secretary of the WellnessClaudia Canto Hernández, during her message at the opening ceremony of the 22nd edition of this Welfare Fair in the Ejido Flor Azul, belonging to the syndicate of San Miguel Zapotitlan.

He explained that in these 22 Saturdays of Wellness Fair More than 40,000 services have been offered for the benefit of more than 8,000 families in the areas of Education, Health, Housing, Addiction Prevention, Youth, Sports, Art, Culture, Pavement, Drinking Water, Drainage, and many other free services of the municipal government.

The public servant said that both Mayor Gerardo Vargas Landeros and her as the organizer and coordinator of this Wellness Fair, They feel very happy and happy about the success of this government exercise close to the people, which is being emulated in other municipal entities of Sinaloa, and even beyond the state geography.

He stressed that the primary objective of this activity is that government services are closer to families in their own homes, and avoid expenses and trips to the city to attend the Municipal Palace to seek care.

“As Municipal President Gerardo Octavio Vargas Landeros tells you every Saturday, I reaffirm it: take advantage of us, get to know us, ask for our telephone numbers and express your needs. We assure you that you will be treated with dignity and that we will follow up on you.”

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On behalf of the community, the municipal trustee Karina Valdéz and the ejidal commissioner Paulino Villegas participated, who said they were happy with the attention and services they have received, such as the more than 100 LED street lighting lamps that were recently installed, among other benefits. .

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