They block AMLO’s convoy in Oaxaca; citizens demand land payment

Oaxaca.- Inhabitants of the Ejido de Mogoñé, in the Municipality of San Juan Guichicovieast of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, momentarily held up the convoy carrying the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in claim of payment of 3 thousand hectareswhich were invaded 40 years ago.

“The request is being made to you for the payment of compensation for the 3,000 hectares, Mr. President. The Sedatu (Secretariat for Agrarian Development) is already for nothing that is giving us long,” the ejido secretary told the President, Rocio Jimenez Marcelinorepresentative of the group that blocked the Matías Romero-Coatzacoalcos transisthmian highway with dry logs and stones.

“We don’t want to block, but if the 16th is not met, we would be taking the highway,” he added before the President.

In the blockade of about one hundred residents, they explained to AMLO, who came from Salina Cruz, that 3,000 hectares were invaded by other residents 40 years ago, and that after several years of trial, the Agrarian Court ordered the payment of compensation for part of the federal government, although Sedatu intends to settle at 22,000 pesos per hectare, when they have an appraisal of 240,000 pesos per hectare.

Jiménez Marcelino explained to him that Sedatu has dragged its feet and that, in recent weeks, it has changed without explanation a meeting from June 6 to June 16, for which reason they have blocked the passage of the interoceanic train for ten days and that they will continue to do so if they do not get a favorable payment.

The blockade is serious, because that is where the Interoceanic Corridor project runs, a mega-project that hours before, in Salina Cruz, López Obrador It had been urgent to finish before 2024.

Already in the blockade, the President promised to send the Minister of Finance of Sedatu, Victor Martinez Bolanosto the meeting on the 16th to coordinate fair treatment, although he warned them that a new appraisal will be made.

“I just want to tell you one thing very clearly so that there are no misunderstandings,” the President told them, “we are public servants, the budget is public, it is the people’s money, I am simply an administrator of the people’s money.”

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The residents let the convoy pass and withdrew, although Ceferina Juárez, a member of the group, recalled that the President passed by here about two months ago, they also blocked him and promised a settlement, but nothing was resolved.

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