They authorize the extraction of water in the Miguel Hidalgo dam for irrigation of advanced crops in Ahome

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Irrigation District 075 of the National Water Commission in Los Mochis authorized the first 100 million cubic meters to be extracted from the Miguel Hidalgo dam to grant them to the users of the modules irrigation for crops advanced, informed Ricardo Ramón Rodríguez Camarena.

“We have just authorized the 100 million advance volume, they have already authorized us, the network has already been informed.”

The head of the Irrigation District 075 of Conagua said that they were waiting for the first demand for water that would be requested by the Greater Valle del Fuerte Network and already on Monday to begin with the irrigation of advanced crops, especially vegetables and legumes.

He explained that the request is made based on the amount of water presented by each irrigation module.

“And based on that we deliver the volumes to them.”

He added that before the end of September they will make an assessment of the volumes of water in the dams to authorize the irrigation plan for the autumn-winter cycle.

“Before the month ends, around the 24th, based on the volumes we have, we are going to make a forecast that we can offer them, how much volume to the modules, remember that they have a concession, of that volume of granting them how much water we are going to be able to give them, if it is 100 or 80 percent, it all depends on the volume we have in the system. “

He mentioned that last year the irrigation modules were given 80 percent of their concession, in such a way that he stressed that on September 24 they will know with how much water they can start the next cycle.

He stressed that compared to last year, at this time there is less volume in the dams, because in total in the system as of yesterday it was 3 thousand 770 million cubic meters, which represents 57.7 percent of storage, and the year last on this same date there was a storage of 3 thousand 950 million cubic meters, 60 percent, which marks a difference of 2.7 percent compared to last year.

The Conagua official said that what there is more is humidity in the field, which could mean saving water for the first irrigation.

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“Last year the first month we used 400 million cubic meters to establish the first irrigation because there was no humidity. With this humidity that we have, if right now we would give the irrigation the same as last year, because those 400 million will become 300 million cubic meters, yes there is a considerable saving “.


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