They ask for attention! They request to improve the street of the Juárez de Guamúchil neighborhood

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- In the Juárez neighborhood from the city of Guamúchil, Salvador Alvarado, there is a petition of the neighbors to improve one of the streets where “a sinking” was formed.

The problem is affecting not only drivers who circulate on the road, but also those who live in that sector. The neighbor Fernando Sánchez commented that this year the usual street maintenance work that had been carried out in other years by the Salvador Alvarado City Council was not carried out.

With the rains, the subsidence has become greater, so he asks the competent authority to scrape the street so that the stream of water generated by the rains can flow. Even “the water has already been put into one of the houses” that are in one of the corners.

The problem is along Juárez street where the pavement ends and the dirt section begins until it meets Juan Escutia street. The street is located between the limits of the Niños Héroes and Agustina Ramírez neighborhoods.

The neighbor commented that just on that street there have been several crashes this year, and that the presence of Municipal Transit is also necessary or that they install buffers. Regarding the surveillance of Public Security patrols, he commented that they are hardly ever seen passing by.

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It should be noted that the services best rated by the neighbors were garbage collection and drinking water.

Do they break spears in the PRI?


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