They arrest the leader of the PRI in Coacalco; he was drunk, crashed a police car and injured the policeman

Mexico state.- Martin Muñoz, leader of the PRI Coacalco and substitute for the candidate for the Going for the State of Mexico coalition, David Sánchez Isidoro, was arrested for crashing a patrol car and injuring a policeman.

According to police sources, in the municipality of Coacalco the rake operation of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico was underway (FGJEM) to inhibit crime.

So presumably the PRI leader attempted to evade some police checkpoints and began speeding aboard a Dodge Durango pickup with license plate MMH3333 of the Edomex.

The officers caught up with the crew members and when they boarded them Martin Muñoz Montiel identified himself, as well as his companion Alfredo Palma Dorantes, who apparently were in a drunken state.

The officers gave them safety recommendations and asked them to drive slowly; However, after starting the truck, Martín Muñoz allegedly hit an official unit of the agents and injured a policeman

After the collision, the Coacalco police elements detained both crew members to transfer them to the Texcoco Regional Prosecutor’s Office for injuries and damage to the aforementioned property.

The Dodge Durango truck with registration MMH3333 was secured and, during the review, the sources consulted detailed that a firearm with 10 useful cartridges was found.

Manuel Muñoz is the municipal leader of the PRI in Coacalco and substitute for David Sanchez Isidoro, candidate who challenged the result of the election in the municipality in order to have the process reviewed.

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For the case, the candidate of the coalition Going for the State of Mexico has not issued any statement so far, nor has the party shared any position on the matter.

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