They are tired! They demand that Jumapag provide a solution to sewage in Guasave

Guasave, Sinaloa.- Citizen Abel Quiñónez went to this media to publicize his disagreement about the bad attention by the Jumapag, since they have a problem of leakage of sewage by the boulevard 20 de Noviembre in Guasave, which affects businesses selling food.

He pointed out that this fault is approximately 20 days old, and it is a very large leak, since it generates flooding. “This problem is not favorable for business, I have one and people complain about the bad smell, apart from being unsanitary,” the complainant highlighted.

He revealed that leaks this large should have a quick solution, so he asks the Municipal Potable Water Board to repair the problem as soon as possible. He also said that this leak is a source of infection, since it could harm the health of those who live, work and are used to traveling along said boulevard.

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He added that the smell is unpleasant and that it is not possible to eat comfortably, since when it is hotter, the odors become stronger. “People cannot even walk around, for fear of being wet, and the cars suddenly stop when they see the leak, and that could cause an accident,” said Abel Quiñónez.

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