They are looking for little brothers of 13 and 10 years abducted by their father since March in Monterrey

Monterrey, Nuevo León.- The Nuevo León State Prosecutor’s Office activated the Amber alert last night to locate two little brothers ages 13 and 10 who are allegedly father stole them from his mother’s house, since last March 16.

Although the name of the children’s father is not disclosed in the alert, it transpired that his name is José Eduardo Flores Soberanis.

A source close to the case indicated that the man was captured by ministerial agents and is currently being held in a social reintegration center in the State, but during interrogations he has refused to reveal the whereabouts of the children.

The disappearance of Ian and Eithan Flores Zamorano, aged 13 and 10 respectively, was in Colonia Las Brisas, in the south of Monterrey.

The complaint of the disappearance was made by the mother of the minors Suzette Zamorano Lozano from the day of the events, and accused her partner of being responsible for the abduction.

For months, the informant added, Flores Soberanis was wanted by the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office in this and other states until his capture.

The authorities consider that little brothers They are at imminent risk, after their father has refused to reveal their whereabouts.

Ian has short, straight, light brown hair, is white, 1.50 meters tall, has a split beard and a blood mole on his forehead.

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His younger brother, Eithan, has a white complexion, straight and short brown hair, of an approximate height of 1.20 meters and as a particular sign he refers that he has an umbilical hernia.

This is how the search and rescue work at Cerro del Chiquihuite looks like


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