“They are in favor of life. What happens to my life? Do they not care?”: girl in hearing on abortion

United States.- During the public debate in West Virginia, United States, of a law that would prohibit abortion in almost all casesa girl as young as 12 years old questioned state legislators: “many here say they are in favor of life, and what about my life?”.

At the public hearing on a bill seeking to ban termination of pregnancy in West Virginia, Addison Gardner It gave Republican lawmakers pause.

After the failure of the United States Supreme Court against Roe vs. Wadea historic resolution that had allowed American women to abort without being criminally prosecuted, many states governed by the Republican party have rushed to legislate on the matter in order to prohibit abortion within their territorial frameworks.

“If a man decides that I am an object and decides to do tragic things to me, am I, a girl, supposed to get pregnant and give birth to another child?”, was the question that Gardner put on the table before the state Legislative .

The state legislature of West Virginia, a state governed by the Republican Jim Justiceseeks to “clarify and modernize the laws of West Virginia so that they reflect the recent decision of the highest court”, that is, to be in line with what was voted by the highest court in the United States.

In the course of her 45-second speech, Addison made it clear that, at the young age of 12, a pregnancy resulting from rape could ruin her life, considering that it is not part of her plans.

“I am 12 years old. I go to Buffalo Middle school. I play volleyball and I run. My education is very important to me and I plan to do great things in my life,” he said.

After that, the minor asked the legislators if she should be forced to go through the trauma of pregnancy at her age and, with it, suffer psychologically everything that this process implies, emphasizing that she did not decide to be in that situation.

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