They are fed up! In the Loma de los Achires subdivision of Guamúchil they do not want weeds

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- The citizenship of the subdivision Lomas de Los Achires of Guamúchil has been dissatisfied due to the large amount of undergrowth found in the different vacant lots.

Mr. Roberto Angulo mentioned that the problem with having all this branch is that some snakes come out of there and get into the patios of their homes. He stated that this has been frightening most of the neighbors, as they do not expect such an animal to be found passing by their houses.

He announced that last year personnel from the Salvador Alvarado City Council came and gave them the necessary help to clean the entire mountain that was near this subdivision, however, this year they have not attended.

He stressed that despite everything, they hope that soon the Department of Public Works or Public Services will help them to clean these lands little by little.

Another detail of living in the subdivision is that there is no public transport that can take and bring the inhabitants, and if they want to go both to the school and to the Centro neighborhood they must take a taxi or private vehicle.

He recalled that a short time ago they were assigned a small truck that supported them and charged them a little bit, but due to the pandemic, they stopped traveling.

He explained that children need a recreational space where they can spend the afternoons and that they can have fun, because so far they do not have a park or a green area.

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He also mentioned that so far the public lighting service is in good condition, which they cannot complain about.

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