They accuse PRI deputy Hugo Contreras, from Jalisco, of attacking Michoacan

Guadalajara Jalisco.- The elected local deputy of the PRI, Hugo Contreras, was involved in an alleged physical and verbal aggression against a PRI from Tancítaro, Michoacán.

The information, released in Michoacan media, indicates that Contreras, who serves as the delegate of the National Executive Committee (CEN) of the tricolor in said Entity, uttered insults and two punches at Gerardo Nava, former legal director of the state tricolor.

Asked about the incident, Contreras assured that he acted in self-defense against an alleged attack by Nava.

He said that he registered forms with the Electoral Institute, but he included himself, put another colleague and the mother of one more, irregularly.

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Contreras explained that, although people were asked to resign that were included on their own initiative in the forms, they did not yield to the request, they closed and even offended the party authorities with their conduct.

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