There’s no respect! They destroy the face of the Virgin in Oaxaca when trying to steal her gold crown

Oaxaca.- In full Holy Weekcriminals they destroyed the face of the Virgen de los Dolores in the church of San Juan CacahuatepecOaxaca, after try to steal his golden crown without success, a fact that has provoked great indignation in the community.

He was the municipal president of San Juan Cacahuatepec, Pedro Martinez Barrosowho announced through Facebook the outrageous newson the morning of last April 16, in the middle of Holy Saturday, sharing images where the Virgen de los Dolores of the town church shows severe damage to her face.

They destroyed the Virgin: they tried to steal her crown, and since they could not remove it, they destroyed her face“, informed the mayor, who later expressed his indignation condemning the fact as a reflection of a society “shattered” and full of “greed”.

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According to said version, the incident occurred at dawn, when criminals entered the church of Cacahuatepec to steal some valuables, including the Virgin’s gold crown, however, by failing to remove it, they caused severe damage to the church. religious figure, causing part of his face to detach.

The Oaxacan mayor even complained that people did not pay attention to the father’s words during a mass held the day before, on Good Friday, regarding a call to “leave envy.”

This is who we are as a society. A town destroyed, uprooted, hurt. Where greed and envy has overflowed. What is going to happen is that we are going to be left without a Church. Yesterday it was more important to be talking than to pay attention to the Priest and his exhortation to leave envy and divisionism, to change. To leave our wickedness. May he who did this see him rewarded with his children. This is Cacahuatepec,” lamented Pedro Martínez.

This is how the face of the Virgen de los Dolores remained after the attempted robbery. Photo: Facebook

It was not clarified if the thieves stole other valuables from the religious site, and there are no people identified as suspected of having committed the attack, which sparked strong indignation among the residents of San Juan Cacahuatepec, who demanded that the authorities find those responsible. .

Another version: accident

However, in another message published towards the evening of the same day, the municipal president released a second version of the events that rules out the attempted robbery, but rather points out that it was an “accident” during the transfer of the Virgin.

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Martínez Barroso stressed that “there were no unfounded accusations,” since he and other authorities limited themselves to repeating the priest’s version of the attempted robbery, without mentioning the possibility of an accident.

“At this time, another line is mentioned, totally different in which there is talk of an accident resulting from its transportation. There were no unfounded accusations since we repeat, from the perspective of the Priest and those of us who were summoned, that was visualized , since there was no mention of an accident up to that moment,” commented the mayor of San Juan Cacahuatepec.

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