There were children on board! Report 3 dead and 23 injured after truck fall in ravine in El Salvador

El Salvador.- Three dead, three seriously injured and 20 injured was the balance of one car accident where a truck where children were transported with some relatives, fell into a ravine or ravine about 7 meters deep in El Salvador.

Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, reported through social networks about the tragic accident on the Litoral highway, in the El Ciprés canton, in Conchagua, La Unión, this Saturday.

“There was a traffic accident on the Carretera del Litoral, in the El Ciprés canton, in the municipality of Conchagua, La Unión. A truck carrying children, with some relatives, fell into a ravine,” he reported.

The President of El Salvador reported that children were transported in the truck, with some relatives; In addition, he indicated that the two deceased persons are adults.

Moments later the Red Cross confirmed the death of a minor, adding 3 victims, along with two women María Orbelina, 48 years old, and Milagro, 56 years old.

“#ULTIMAHORA According to the Red Cross Operations Center, the death of a minor is confirmed, adding to 3, two women, 48 and 56 years old,” reads a publication of the official Red Cross account of The Savior.

Red Cross confirms the third victim | Photo: Capture

Elements of the National Civil Police, Armed Forces, Red Cross and Firefighters of El Salvador went to the site to provide assistance and mobilized all the people, many of them to the La Unión hospital. “Those who require more attention will be transferred by the EMS to various hospitals, where they will have the best possible medical care,” said Nayib Bukele.

“The ages of the injured range between one and 66 years of age, of the total, 12 are minors, all were transferred and receive assistance at the Hospital de La Unión,” reported Firefighters El Salvador.

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Preliminarily, the National Civil Police pointed out that the truck driver lost control of the steering wheel and rushed to the bottom of the ravine, however, this version will be officially determined after the investigations.

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