There are 8,443 arrests in Ahome this 2021 for faults on the side

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- So far this year, in the municipality of Ahome there have been arrested 8,443 people per offenses to the Police and Government side.

The most recurrent offenses in the urban and rural areas of Ahome they are consuming drugs, enervates or toxic substances, with 2,421 people arrested; alter the order or scandalize in the public thoroughfare, with a thousand 407 arrests; drinking intoxicating beverages, which is why 1,244 people have been arrested, and the fourth offense that has been committed the most in the municipality is driving while intoxicated, with 1,224 arrests.

Fewer arrests than last year

The director of Public Security and Municipal Traffic of Ahome, Carlos Francisco Rodríguez Ponce, recalled that in the same period last year there were 11 thousand 777 arrests for offenses on the Police and Government side, where the offense that stood out with more arrests was also consume drugs, enervates or toxic substances, with 4 thousand 545 people arrested.

Other fouls

Other infractions to the Police and Government Side for which more people have been brought before the Railing Court of the General Directorate of Public Security and Municipal Traffic of Ahome this year are faults to the authority, with 665 people arrested, and provoke or participate in fights, with 446 arrests.

On the issue of family violence this year 55 people have been arrested by elements of the Ahome Preventive Police.

In previous years, a very recurrent offense on the Bando was to scratch or graffiti walls, only that so far this year only one person has been arrested for this reason.

The General Directorate of Public Safety and Municipal Transit of Ahome has registered so far in 2021 the arrest of 24 people for having sexual relations in public places, and 97 arrests for polluting or throwing garbage or debris in prohibited places.

Detentions for crimes

The director of Public Security in Ahome, Carlos Francisco Rodríguez Ponce, reported that in the case of arrests for committing crimes, the arrest of 15 people for drug dealing, 11 for allegedly carrying a firearm, 7 for commercial robbery and 4 more for vehicle theft.

So far this year, two people have also been arrested for the crime of house-room robbery, and the same number of arrests for allegedly committing robberies of educational institutions.

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With a person arrested during the year are the crimes of driving a vehicle with a report of theft, motorcycle theft, riding a motorcycle with a report of theft, and also a person was arrested for having an arrest warrant, and a more by order of re-apprehension, although in these cases Public Security did not specify the crime.

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