There are 78 houses damaged and 22 uninhabitable due to microseism in Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco

Guzman City, Jalisco.- After two days of damage assessmentthe Jalisco authorities have declared that In total, 78 houses were recorded with damage due to the magnitude 2.4 microseism that last Tuesday afternoon was presented in Guzman Citymunicipality of Zapotlan El Grande.

Of the total number of dwellings accounted for with damage, 56 had minor damage and 22 more were completely uninhabitablewhich caused great sorrow in the families that they had to evict them in maximum 48 hours.

Said opinion was issued after personnel from the State Unit for Civil Protection and Firefighters of Jalisco (UEPCBJ), from the Evaluation and Follow-up area, together with personnel from the Jalisco Housing Institute (IJALVI) and members of the College of Architects and College of Engineers of the South of Jalisco they went house by house inspecting the cracks that these presented.

Given this opinion, the state authorities have reported that “the State Unit for Civil Protection and Firefighters will seek to establish a work table between authorities of the three orders of government to provide a comprehensive solution to families affected by this geological phenomenon It should be noted, it was recorded in the 1985 earthquake”.

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Likewise, the Government of Jalisco pointed out that elements of Municipal and State Public Security and the Mexican Army will continue to monitor along the almost 800 meters where a ditch was opened in the vicinity of the Centro, Santa Rosa and Magisterial neighborhoods, this in order to prevent the properties that were left open from their doors and windows from being looted and even prevent someone puts life at risk by entering the damaged property.

“The State Government, through the State Unit for Civil Protection and Firefighters Jalisco, invites the population to stay informed through official channels as well as call 911 in case of an emergency“, they pointed out in their statement.

DEBATE toured damaged areas in Ciudad Guzmán

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