There are 60 tons of material to stabilize in Cerro del Chiquihuite; still without signs of life

In order to stabilize the slope and prevent further movement of earth and rocks, 60 tons of material in the “zero zone”From the breakdown of the Cerro del Chiquihuite, reported the general coordinator of Civil Protection and Comprehensive Risk Management of Edomex, Samuel Gutierrez Macías.

He added that, so far they do not have signs of life of the three disappeared who could be under the rubble, and pointed out that, although they have obtained some readings, these could be due to the Water that continues to descend from the top of the hill, which would activate the sensors.

However, he stressed that they already have located the place where the home where the woman and her two children were still missing, at the time of the detachment the hill.

At this point, he added that the husband of Paola Daniela He entered the so-called ground zero and showed the rescuers the place where the house was located, which is where the search efforts are being focused.

Thus the stabilization work in Cerro del Chiquihuite, Tlalnepantla

He added that, according to the studies in the area, the engineers of the different institutions in the place detected an area of risk approximately 200 meters, so they continue with stabilization work, although he stressed that despite yesterday’s rain there were no new landslides.

He also detailed that around the 50 percent of the residents of the Lázaro Cárdenas Tercera Section neighborhood have already evicted the houses, while 79 persons have already gone to one of the six shelters available, while others have sought accommodation with relatives.

Although he pointed out that there are still around 70 familiesTherefore, the information campaign for voluntary evacuation continues, due to the danger of continuing on the slope of the hill.

At this point, the municipal president of Tlalnepantla, Raciel Perez Cruz, stressed that more and more neighbors are becoming aware of the danger and have decided to evacuate their home, so they have reinforced the security filters to avoid the rapine.

Regarding the pets that have been rescued from the rubble, the mayor highlighted the installation of a special shelter in the Department of Attention to Exposed Animals and in Custody, on Zacatecas street number 6, Colonia Constitución de 1917, Tlalnepantla, with space for 25 pets.

Complicated, relocation

On the other hand, the municipal president of Tlalnepantla, Racial Pérez Cruz, considered complex the issue of a possible relocation of the inhabitants of the Lázaro Cárdenas Third Section neighborhood, due to the density of the population.

In this sense, he stressed that, in addition to the fact that it arose between the 80s and 90s, there are more than 200 houses that are located on the foothills of Cerro del Chiquihuite.

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In turn, he considered the issue of relocation irresponsible, when the studies risk or conclude the search for the three missing persons.


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