There are 6 injured in a spectacular crash at the Saltillo-Monterrey Free Highway

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.- Six people injured, including two children, was the balance of a shock between two vehicles circulating on the Highway to Saltillo, in Santa Catarina.

The wounded who were traveling in a Nissan X-Trail pickup were identified as Edith Cepeda Zamora, 37; Jairo Fabián, 35; as well as Nancy, 8, and Zoe, 5.

The other two injured They are Abraham García, 37 years old; and Maricarmen Vaquera, 35, who were riding in a Sentra car.

The shock happened today on the Free Highway Saltillo-Monterrey, at kilometer 58.3, in the territory of Santa Catarina.

Elements of Civil Protection of the State came to the site to assist the injured, who were transferred to Hospital Muguerza and Conchita, for their specialized medical evaluation.

According to the first investigations, the two vehicles were traveling from Saltillo to Monterrey and collided sideways and the X-Trail was taken off the road and was overturned embedded in a ditch.

Civil Protection of the State reported that the roads were affected during the actions of attention to the wounded.

The two traffic lanes to Monterrey were kept closed.

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Elements of the National Guard took charge of the initial inquiries and made the official report for the Public Ministry.

This is how the search and rescue work at Cerro del Chiquihuite looks like


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