There are 39 and not 29 people who were rescued in San Luis Potosí

San Luis Potosí.- Agents of the Attorney General of the State of San Luis Potosí rescued 39 people who were deprived of liberty by an armed commando, who broke into a hotel in Matehuala to do their thing.

Among the victims were a pregnant woman and three minors. At least 23 of those kidnapped are from Cuba, Venezuela and Haiti, while the rest of the group are Mexican.

Supposedly, the criminal group wanted to extort money from the relatives of its victims who reside in the United States. Therefore, they took the 39 people and tried to extract information from them.

“The group of Mexicans was located outside a convenience store where they were given the respective support. Hours later, the foreigners were located in a community of Potosí adjacent to the municipality of Doctor Arroyo in Nuevo León, ”the ministerial agency reported.

Federico Arturo Gerza Herrera explained that the alleged hit men deprived of liberty three Cubans, a Haitian and a Venezuelan woman who was eight months pregnant.

“She immediately contacted the Red Cross and they provided her with the support and containment necessary for her pregnancy,” the prosecutor stressed.

Among the 15 men rescued, seven are Cubans, six Haitians and two Venezuelans, in addition to three children.

“The aggrieved were in transit to the northern border, because they allude to having relatives in the United States.”

The Potosí prosecutor’s office continues with the investigations to determine if the rescued Mexicans, as well as two hotel employees, are involved or not with the criminal acts, since the possibility that they are informants of the criminal group or of those who led the victims has not yet been ruled out. foreigners to the northern border of Mexico.

According to official information, the alleged kidnappers were forced to renounce their plans due to the police operation carried out in the town of Potosí, therefore they abandoned their victims.

“We have not been able to specify their stay in this country, some of them, especially the Venezuelans who are three, mention that they arrived in Mexico City via air and later, they arrived in San Luis Potosí by land, but they have not been able to. specify; The respective consulates have already been notified so that they offer all the support to their nationals ”, explained Garza Herrera.

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The rescued group was forcibly taken to the Hotel Sol y Luna in Matehual during the early hours of September 14. The organized group allegedly arrived at this place aboard three trucks and caused damage to the rooms, in addition to “lifting” the foreigners, according to information from the San Luis Potosí Prosecutor’s Office.

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