There are 300 minors to benefit with orphan scholarships due to covid-19

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The demand for scholarships for orphans due to the Covid-19 pandemic continues to increase in Sinaloa, with 300 minors receiving financial support from the federal government, reported the state coordinator of Program of Attention to Girls, Boys and Adolescents at Risk (Pannasir), Jessica Leyva Álvarez.

He specified that the program has managed to reach the population that requires it, such as those minors, who unfortunately lost their parents due to complications from being infected with coronavirus.

According to the statistics cut to September 13, there are 174 applications for orphan scholarships due to Covid-19, in which the beneficiaries verify with the death certificate of the father, mother or both, they died from the disease. It also applies in those cases where the guardian also died from Covid-19.

Of the aforementioned requests, it was specified that of the 300 minors who will be benefited, 76 correspond to boys, 84 girls and 140 adolescents who were orphaned in the state by the pandemic.

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Most of the scholarship applications correspond to beneficiaries of the municipal seats, but he clarified that they have been raised from all over the state.

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