There are 1,835 military cards processed before the Ahome Recruitment Board

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- A total of 1,835 military pre-hammers have been processed so far this year before the Recruitment Board of Ahome by young people of the 2003 class and remiss.

The unit still has 365 formats to attend to the requests of the young people in the class and those who are referred.

The secretary of the Recruitment Board of Ahome, Jesús Ernesto Moncada López, reported that the deadline was set on October 15 of this year to process the National Military Service card, although it is not ruled out that this will be extended by the Secretariat of National Defense, as has happened in previous years .


Moncada López specified that from January 6 of this year to September 14, 1,195 military precartillas were processed corresponding to young people of the 2003 class, and 640 that were requested by remiss.

The secretary of the Recruitment Board commented that applicants are served through virtual appointments, which must be made on the page

When they go later to the Board’s office, with the documentation that is requested as requirements to process the military card, they must wear their mask.

The dependency’s offices are located at Calle Marcial Ordóñez, number 71 Oriente, between Santos Degollado and Niños Héroes, in the Bienestar de Los Mochis neighborhood, half a block from the Fire Department.


The secretary of the Recruitment Board said that it will be at the beginning of next November when the Secretary of National Defense will announce whether or not the draw for the National Military Service will take place.

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