There are 115 specialists that the “Cuban Medical Services” agency placed in the south of the country

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) reported that 641 Cuban specialists will be hired to fill vacancies in Mexico, some of whom will work in states such as Colima and Nayarit.

The agency “Cuban Medical Services” is in charge of carrying out the necessary procedures to cover the needs of the countries, they work in 23 countries around the world and have 12 years of experience.

“The one who comes Cuban doctors to help us is something important, since the fact that there are no specialist doctors is the fault of previous governments for not providing the opportunities to do so,” he stressed. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador President of the Mexican Republic.

The objective is to cover the most needy areas these vacancies so that they can serve in the communities first of all South of Mexico.

The The federal president publicly thanked the Government of Cuba for the support, since for the first time an agreement of this nature is made, which allows to ensure the right to health in the country.

will be 115 Cuban medical specialists those who will join this week, 60 of them have already started their activities in Nayarit on Monday, while today they will assign 55 specialists.

Las specialties in high demand to cover will be: internal medicine, pediatrics, general surgery, gynecology, emergencies, intensive care, imaging, nephrology, dermatology, hematology, orthopedics and traumatology, among others.

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