The woman I was died with the grenades: María, about the September 15 attack in Morelia

Morelia, Michoacán.- “Behind us there was not a person standing; it was a lot of people lying around, a horrible smell ”, says Mrs. María with the fresh memory of the night of September 15 in Morelia, Michoacán, 13 years ago.

It was 2008, a couple of hours from the cry of Independence in the heart of the city of Morelia, when Mrs. María Guadalupe Hernández followed her family’s desire to go to the historic center, although, she confesses, it was never much of her I like the popular verbena.

As was customary, hundreds of families and merchants gathered in the main square of the city, on Madero avenue, between government palace and the Cathedral of Morelia.

There, Mrs. María, her husband and her daughter waited patiently for the departure of the then governor of Michoacán, Leonel Godoy Rangel, from Palacio to enunciate the emotional ‘¡Long live Mexico!’.

“When the governor has just given the cry, which is ringing the bells, it was that we felt the earth shake; people started screaming, a horrible thing that I thought only happened in movies ”.

A couple of grenades had been thrown to the public present just at the time of the ringing of the Government Palace bells and the last “Viva México” by Godoy.

“Where the grenade fell, not a single person was left standing,” shares María who, amid the confusion, noticed strange changes, subtle buts in her body and alerted her husband to apparent blood from her daughter’s foot, but he I remained in shock.

“I remember that my leg began to feel cold, when I checked myself with my hand, I saw a lot of blood; the splinters they reached my buttocks. I saw my daughter bleed and I warned my husband, but he told me, ‘I can’t feel my foot either,’ but since it got blocked, he didn’t know anything, or what was happening, or anything. To date he does not remember “

At the time, rescuers and the military began to arrive in the area of ​​what, later became known, was an attack with grenades thrown near the Melchor Ocampo square and one more just four blocks from the cathedral, just before reaching the temple of La Merced.

At least eight dead and 132 injured were the official figures of the authorities.

“The people who were ahead saved us. Where the grenade fell, not a person was left standing; many died there at the time “-

After 13 years of what happened, Mrs. María dresses in mourning not only for the deceased who, she says, saved her and her family’s life, but also for what she left with the Morelia grenades.

“Many things died; the person that I was, the life that we led with my children. I got to the point of saying, ‘I no longer want to live; I can’t live like this, what am I going to do with my life in a bed? ‘

Two morphine patches on his legs day and night and various medications help to withstand the pain still caused by the splinters that they have not been able to remove from his body, because, he says, doctors have warned him about the consequences.

In spite of everything, the greatest strength that accompanies her days is the gratitude for the life of her family and that of herself, which, she assures, saved the mortal victims of that September 15.

And although there are days when the pain does not allow him to move and the memories come to him in nightmares and strange noises at night, he does not look for culprits, since he says that nothing will give him back what he left and never return.

“I think that a person who does something of that magnitude, who lives that up to date, I think he has no feeling, no kind of feeling to do so much damage. And even if I was in jail, it wouldn’t give me anything back. I leave it to time and I leave it to God. Because what I have lived, I do not wish it to anybody … “

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As of today, there are no guilty convicts on it. attempt In Morelia on September 15, 2008, there are no perpetrators that a judge can demand to make reparation to the victims for the damage caused.


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