The very low salaries in Security

In a total contrast, while Sinaloa is not among the states with the lowest salaries, C4i workers of the Security Secretariat have salaries of 4 to 6 thousand pesos per month, one of the lowest in the country. The PT deputy Rafael González Sánchez released this latest information.

The situation gets worse, because the president of the Security Commission also explained that their perceptions have not increased for more than 14 years, and they have even reduced their direct salary on the payroll.

The local legislator denounced that these workers only have medical services from the Issste and do not even have the necessary legal benefits, such as housing rights, to retire, food supplies, loans, they do not receive five-year periods, or Christmas bonuses. The ground is not even, because these benefits are provided by other employees of the state Public Security Secretariat.

Given this situation, it is urgent that the homologation proposal for all these C4i workers of the Sinaloa Security Secretariat be approved and that the allocation of resources be increased. Without a doubt, it is very worrying that security personnel so important for the prevention and monitoring of crimes have such low salaries.

How is the C4i surveillance system going to work well if its workers receive the lowest wages in the country? To all this, we must add that dozens of cameras have been shot down in Culiacán and how many more will be out of service due to failures or lack of repair?

State authorities should be ashamed of maintaining such an important crime-preventing area in the state capital. It should be one of the priorities to have the C4i in optimal conditions and that its collaborators have decent salaries. Hopefully, Governor Quirino Ordaz will address the issue and will not leave this pending to the next Administration, because it is urgent.

With all this panorama, it is understood why the crime figures in Sinaloa are scary, only at last month’s cut the state average of vehicle theft was 9.5. Another alarming fact is that more than 80 percent of these cases are spoils with violence, the data can be verified in the AMIS. So, very attentive.

Culiacan. Where there has to be a thorough investigation is the tragedy in the Culiacán shoe store, where a woman died and four people were injured when the roof collapsed. It is urgent to review the structure and conditions of the buildings in the city center.

National. The Electoral Court ratified Layda Sansores as the governor-elect of Campeche. This represents the greatest setback for the national leader of the PRI, Alejandro Moreno, upon losing his status. The management of the PRI will surely be harshly investigated by the new Administration. In Sonora, Durazo already gave the first notice by giving a full report of how badly they left the state.

Agenda. Morena’s parliamentary group in the State Congress will present its third legislative report this Friday. The event will be broadcast virtually on their social networks at 11:00. It will be very interesting to know the balance, the progress made and, of course, the pending.

Political memory. “Be firm as a tower, whose top never bends to the onslaught of time”: Dante Alighieri.

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