The use of face masks in public spaces will no longer be mandatory in Yucatan

Yucatán.- Just as the governments of other states in Mexico have already decreed, the administration of the state of Yucatan announced that starting next week the use of face masks will be voluntary.

Given the steady decline in cases of Covid-19as well as deaths and hospitalizations caused by the spread of SARS-CoV-2, coupled with the increase in vaccination rates, different state governments have established an end to the mandatory use of face masks in public spaces.

At the beginning of the pandemic in the national territory, in March 2022, the governments of the federal entities decreed, among other measures, the mandatory use of masks in spaces shared with many people in order to be able to contain and prevent the spread of the virus.

This Thursday, the Yucatan Ministry of Health made it public knowledge that starting next Monday, September 26 of the current year, it will no longer be mandatory for citizens to wear face masks.

Likewise, the state agency explained that, along with the previous measure, it will also stop issuing the Epidemiological traffic lightwhich is currently in green, that is, in the minimum number of infections by Covid-19.

“Daily report of the Coronavirus in Yucatan corresponding to THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2022. The indicators of our #StateHealth Traffic Light show a green color. In Yucatan, starting next September 26, the use of face masks will be voluntary,” said the State Health Secretariat through your official account Twitter.

However, the agency pointed out that the use of the mask will continue to be required in hospitals, health centers, medical units and public transport. Meanwhile, he recommended, as a preventive measure, to continue using it in the case of older adults, people with comorbidities or, well, who present symptoms of respiratory disease.

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