The unpublished photo of Julio César Chávez being accompanied by Chávez Jr to a fight

Mexico.- One of the dynasties best known in Mexico especially in the world of boxing is undoubtedly that of The Chávez, 2 generations that have had their triumphs, their defeats and their scandals, but they have always been united thanks to the boxing that runs through their veins from a very young age especially for Julio César Chávez Jr who is named after his legendary father.

The first son of Julio César Chávez had everything in his birth, wealth, love but above all a lot of boxing at all times and it was almost inevitable that he would not follow in his footsteps, that is why from a very young age he accompanied his father everywhere, even He was seen in fights where he already showed great interest in putting on the gloves.

One of the most legendary images in the history of the Chávez Carrasco family was shared by themselves and it was the visit of Julio César Chávez Jr to his father prior to a fight, along with the lightweight title that he won in 1987 when Julio Jr was barely a year old, but at the time of the photograph he was already He looked many more but already wearing the famous red band on his head.

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That image only makes one think that at some point Julio César Chávez Jr had his father as the greatest exponent of the boxing and above all as an inspiring figure, or simply a hero because he saw how his father’s career reached the top, where everything was always congratulations, money and above all fame.

Julio César Chávez and Chávez Jr before a fight | Photo: Jam Media

Until then there was nothing out of the ordinary, what a child, the son of a famous person lives at all times. But also in those visits he saw many things that he might have never wanted to see, such as his father’s addictions, the pressures or injuries that his father had for his risky profession.

Even so, Julio César Chávez Jr found in his father’s name the strength to start with the second generation of boxers in the family, which he would eventually join. Omar Chavez where both at times had great chances of being great in the box.

That is how they joined the work group of their father who already at that time had health problems due to his lifestyle, and in their attempt to want to get him out of addictions is that they debuted as professionals.

The rest is now history with poor management of their careers due to complicated decisions and being involved in issues like those that his father lived with addictions, and everything that had started as a great idea to instill the box turned into something complicated for the family.

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