The United States celebrated the cry of Dolores for the first time

September 17, 1971
They continue to violate the price of meat.
While representatives of Industry and Commerce in the state and this city turn a deaf ear to the complaints of the public about the permanent violation of the tolerance prices authorized for beef, the purposes of the City Council to achieve an effective control crash before the passivity of those. Abasteros have stated that the shortage of cattle has increased their price, for which they were forced to increase the price to the tablajeros, costing the public 6 pesos more.

In December five more IMSS clinics. The five clinics that the IMSS is building in Ahome, Higuera de Zaragoza, Mochicahui, El Carrizo and San Miguel, should be completed by the first days of next December. The works must be delivered before December 11, so the works are being printed as quickly as possible. Initially, delays were observed due to the fact that it was necessary to demolish some houses, clear land and transport the necessary material.

The US celebrated the Grito de Dolores for the first time.
Vice President Spiro Agnew received the Mexican ambassador, José Juan de Olloqui, in a ceremony in which he paid tribute to the neighboring country on the occasion of the 161st anniversary of Independence. For this reason, Agnew said: “September 16 is of particular importance for the Spanish-speaking people, for our citizens of Mexican descent and for our friends from Mexico, since it is the equivalent of our July 4.
Olloqui commented that “for the first time, Mexico is honored in a ceremony at the White House in honor of this date. Mexico and the United States share a common border, as well as ideas of freedom and justice.” He added that relations between the two countries have been improving and called for a frank discussion of mutual problems. He pointed out that in schools and communities, they did remember this Mexican holiday.

Anniversary of Jesús Morales. The handsome and formal gentleman Jesús Morales Rosas turned another year of age, which is why he was showered with attentions from his loved ones. A large number of Jesus’ friends and cousins ​​met on time at the family residence, bringing beautiful and valuable presents for the celebration. Mrs. Gloria de América Rosas, mother of the birthday boy, took great care of the little ones, offering a delicious snack and delicious cake.

September 17, 1996
They secure arsenal in Culiacán.
Elements of the Mexican Army seized in a private residence, an arsenal of 30 high-powered firearms, including a 20-millimeter Barret-type anti-aircraft rifle, more than 5,000 cartridges of different calibers, militia and PGR uniforms and a team of communication, after a shootout with two alleged criminals who were killed. For more than four hours, more than 60 members of the militia, supported by agents of the State and Municipal Judiciary, carried out the operation.

There is tranquility in the country. Mexico, DF The Secretary of the Interior, Emilio Chuayffet, pointed out that the message of the Independence Day of Mexico is one of reflection on freedom, to continue increasing it and bequeath it to our children. The official reiterated that he will apply all the force of the state to end the terrorist groups that try to surprise Mexicans. He added that the reports he had of the ceremonies of the beginning of Independence throughout the country were of absolute tranquility.

They blame Americans for drug use. Washington. The increase in drug use among youth in recent years is due to the lack of responsibility of the country’s society, said Barry McCaffrey, head of the White House anti-drug office. He noted that the United States became very complacent with the youth who suddenly began to return to drug use. The popularity of drug use waned in the 1980s, when the government focused on fighting them.


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