The trident of PSG did not work

If in the French League Paris Saint-Germain is already showing its power with the great figures it hired for this season, something similar was expected to happen in the European Champions League, but it turns out that PSG struggled seriously to be able to get a 1 for 1 draw against Bruges of Belgium.

Due to the difference in teams and with Lionel Messi as the main figure of Paris, on paper, and although they played visiting, the Parisian team was a marked favorite.

However, on the court the power of the French offensive trident formed by Neymar, Mbappé and Messi was not seen and even in the statistics of this duel, Bruges sent more shots on goal than PSG.

Undoubtedly, this tie has already begun to generate many comments from the press worldwide, which questions whether PSG can really make the prediction of favorite in the Champions League good.

If we take into account his expensive payroll, it could be said that, by names, he is far above all his rivals, but it turns out that games are won on the field and there PSG has already begun to generate doubts.

VERY NICE. We learned that last Wednesday the teams of the Veterans Combined and the coaching staff of the Expansion League Dorados were going to meet in a friendly duel. Curiosity got the better of us and we went to see him at field four in Sagarpa.

The mere net, the fans present enjoyed a pleasant match that ended 6 by 5 in favor of the Combined.

But we also saw details that seem prudent to highlight, such as, for example, the performance of Rafael “Chikis” García, helmsman of the Gran Pez, who no longer has the same dynamics as before, but keeps his impeccable punch with his left leg intact. to score two goals and the second of excellent quality.

The other point that we check is that the popular Álvaro “Seco” Galván saw action in the golden box, the efficient prop who, along with his teammate Carmelo Franco, are the only two survivors who are still in the club that arrived in Culiacán in the year 2003.

We were delighted to give each of them a hug, as we treated them for 15 years, during which time we covered the source of the Dorados for THE DEBATE and, honestly, Carmelito and Álvaro are excellent human beings.

In summary, both those who played and those who witnessed the moving shell had an excellent afternoon and threatened to repeat their holds, at least every month.

ANECDOTE. The poisonous languages ​​that abound everywhere tell that the nickname of Capi that they gave the university student to the bone, Cruz Humberto Rubio Valdez, brings him well tattooed, because they say that once, before starting a game, they told Rubio, “ you’re going to be the captain of the game ”, and he only had to roll up the shirt on his left arm and pull down the headband that he was already wearing. You are great, my Capi Rubio.

REFLECTION: Don’t save anything for a special occasion, because every day you live is special.

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