The terrible fact that caused Hilda Aguirre to have her face operated on 14 times and leave her career

Mexico. Hilda Aguirre, actress originally from Tabasco, Mexico, and who in his youth became famous in the Mexican Cinema With his participation in films like Soy yé-yé, he had a life change in the eighties that marked her forever.

Hilda Leonor Aguirre Oliveros, the actress’s full name, suffered an unfortunate car accident towards the end of the eighties, which left her serious damage to your face.

And that is why the actress had to undergo several surgeries on her face in order to have it restored, which is why she had to leave her artistic career for several years to take care of your health.

While Hilda and other people drove to Tlaxcala in a car they suffered a strong accident on the Mexico-Puebla highway, and fortunately left only material damage, but in serious condition to it.

And in several interviews Mrs. Aguirre has shared that in total she underwent 14 facial operations in order to have his face redone, which medical specialists were able to achieve.

But after a while things got complicated because a prosthesis that he had on one cheekbone rotted, so he continued in treatment for several years.

And after having solved her problem, Hilda was left emotionally affected, so he waited several years to return to accept work in theater or television.

Hilda Aguirre conquered Mexican cinema thanks to her beauty and participation in Mexican cinema films mainly in the 60s, among them Elena and Raquel, La hermanita Dinamita and Confesiones Confesiones de una Adolescente.

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But on television he later had important performances in Televisa melodramas such as Chispita, Dulce defiance, Vivo por Elena and Salomé; the last telenovela in which he has been seen is Tomorrow is forever, during 2009, next to Lucero, Silvia Navarro and Fernando Colunga.



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