The temperature in Guasave drops to 4 degrees due to cold front and winter storm

Guasave, Sinaloa.- Low temperatures of 5 and 4 degrees cause the union of a winter storm Y cold front in Guasave, highlighting the Portuguese community of Gálvez where the thermometer dropped the most.

The geophysicist, Juan Espinosa Luna, explained that the temperature drop These days it is due to the fourth winter storm that is generated in the north of the United States, by the Pacific, which moves through California and Arizona, and a cold front also from the north, but through Texas and New Mexico, which only reached the Same time.

Low temperatures

The drop in temperature derived from the union of these two phenomena began to be perceived after 6:00 p.m. on Monday.

“The winter storm and the cold front came together and that is why in Chihuahua and Durango there are temperatures of -16 degrees and the thermometer fell too low. Here in Sinaloa, temperatures of five degrees already represent frost for some crops.”

According to the monitoring of Espinosa Luna, based on satellite images in collaboration with the University of Oxford, England, it allows you to have access to said data, and it is expected that the temperature will be recovering by Friday.

The specialist detected that it is in areas such as Portugués de Gálvez where temperatures of 4°C are recorded. “These are precisely places that are very prone to frost due to this type of meteorological phenomenon.”

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Until today, the protectionist Juan Espinosa Luna continues to inform citizens on his own initiative and in efforts for the authorities to listen and take into account the proposals to have equipment that allows him to make measurements in relation to the climate and that citizens take their precautions. .

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