The sex boxer might throw it more

Coral Gables, Florida (VIP-WIRE). “What every human should take care of the most, after 14 years of age, is the antics of sex”, La Pimpi.


Bauer’s career in jeopardy – Pitcher Trevor Bauer’s drama, who hasn’t pitched since June 28, will reach beyond the postseason. They have once again extended their stay on “administrative leave” (administrative leave), which means that they do not even dress in uniform, but they do collect what corresponds to the contract that the Dodgers signed last December for three seasons for 102 million of dollars.

Bauer is accused by two ladies of rape and assault with fists during the sexual act. He and his lawyers allege that there was no violation, because in both cases the girls agreed to go to bed with him, and as for the beatings, they state that they asked for it, and explained that they felt better that way.

Last year, when pitching for the Reds, Bauer won the Cy Young, 5-4, 1.73, in 11 games he started, of which he shot two completions and were shut out. This year he is 8-5, 2.59, a complete game, after 17 starts with the Dodgers.

The litigation has dragged on longer than expected and there is no one to predict when it will end. That’s why Dodgers coaches doubt the 30-year-old Bauer will be able to pitch again.

Meanwhile, he has said that he stays away from the team, because he does not want to be a distraction, when they are at the height of their struggle to reach baseball in October. Even before yesterday’s games on Saturday, they were second in the Western Division, with a record of 89-53. First in that group are the usual rivals, the Giants, 91-50.

We love you Kris! .- One of the longest standing ovations at Chicago’s Wrigley Field in recent years was the one that Cubs fans just gave Kris Bryant. The scandalous tribute included a video of the memories of the stellar uniformed bigleaguer with the boys of the north of the city of Ohio.

Third baseman Bryant, 29, has been an All-Star four times and was part of the 2016 World Series winning Cubs. But after seven seasons in Chicago, he was sent in a trade to the Giants last July. . Said;

“I want to express my gratitude to everyone in Chicago for how well they have treated me, both during my time here and today. Thanks”.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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