The San Juan Bautista de Carapoa Festival begins in El Fuerte

El Fuerte, Sinaloa.- The City Council of El Fuerte considers the Festival of San Juan de Carapoaits first day started with indigenous dances, dances and local gastronomic demonstration, the coroners celebrate the 458th anniversary of the municipality, which will last until Sunday, June 26.

Year after year, indigenous communities in the region commemorate this important date for them, the foundation of La Villa de San Juan Bautista de Carapoa, today known as El Fuerte de Montesclaros.

For this inauguration event, Pascola dancing groups participated, as well as the world-renowned deer dance, those present also enjoyed the interpretation of different songs in the language yoreme.

For his part, Mayor Gildardo Leyva Ortega was pleased with the participation of all those present, emphasizing, thanking the union of all ceremonial centers for this celebration, participating in the programmed activities, whose purpose is the recovery of the historical memory of the municipality, through gastronomic samples, exhibition of crafts, dance and music.

“The festival will bring them closer through dance, music, history, gastronomy and tradition to our roots, which are our source of pride. We want you to enjoy this festival, our people, our Mays Yoremesof their stay in El Fuerte, which is their home and that they enjoy the experience of living the good things”.

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Finally, the invitation was made to enjoy the events that are coming up these days, where you can taste the Festival of La Pitaya and La Naranjita, the Festival del Callo and the Popular Dance.

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