The roof was 100 years old! Lack of maintenance caused the collapse of a shoe store in Culiacán

Sinaloa.- After the collapse from the roof of the shoe shop located in the Center of the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, the owner of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) Servando Rojo Quintero and City Council authorities held a meeting where they agreed to set up a work table to see the issue of the historical buildings of the Center, assess what state they are in and do everything to make them safe spaces.

The INAH head explained that a problem that exists in historical buildings is that they put false ceiling and with it the state is not seen where the ceilings are located, the building where the shoe store is, whose roof that collapsed causing the death of a young woman, was already there since 1861 and the ceilings are around 1920, since they have rails and a lack of maintenance, it had a lot of patches.

In this case, what could have happened is that before the increased rainfall, many times there is a roof and then the material becomes damp and the weight increases and the roofs do not support due to the deterioration.

Ángel Flores Street between Rubí and Morelos is closed | Photo: José Betanzos / Debate

In this matter it is the responsibility of the building owners keep establishments in good condition.

He indicated that according to the municipal authorities the infrastructure of the buildings will be verified, Civil protection municipal has already started with an inspection and everything indicates that will close some unsafe stores.

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The owners of historic buildings can approach INAH in case they have any questions about the buildings and the adjustments that have to be made, they can also approach the Culiacán City Council.

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