The roasted carnita was not made! 2 women fall when trying to steal 15 packages of flank steak in Durango

Durango.- Two women who pretended steal several kilos of flank steak in a supermarket they were detained by elements of the Municipal Police of Gomez Palacio, Durango.

Last Thursday the Directorate of Security and Citizen Protection of Gómez Palacio received an emergency call to 9-1-1 where they reported that two women They had tried to steal merchandise from a supermarket located on the Mexican Army Boulevard and the extension of Madero Avenue.

Municipal police officers went to the scene, where the establishment’s security chief indicated that the women identified as Adriana “R”, 33, and Cecilia “H”, 43, had tried to steal 15 packages of marinated arrachera meat, hiding them under their clothes.

According to the authorities, the value of the 15 packages of meat that the two women intended to steal was thousand 594 pesos.

Adriana and Cecilia were placed at the disposal of the authorities who determined their responsibility in the events. According to local media, they were sent to the cells of the Vice Prosecutor’s Office of the Laguna Durango region.

Two women arrested for stealing packages of meat | Photo: Capture

The roasted carnita was not made!

Users of social networks did not take long to comment on the publication of the Directorate of Security and Citizen Protection of Gómez Palacio about this fact, referring to the fact that “the roasted carnita was canceled.”

“They just wanted to make their roasted carnita let them out”, “Now not even a carnita can organize people without being interrupted, it is not from God so much harassment”, “The roasted carnita is canceled my aunts did not run hard”, “no way, There will no longer be a Mexican night “, were some of the comments.

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