The rains will continue overnight in CDMX; they already report affectations

After the approximation of cloudy conglomerates east of the capital, Civil Protection predicted that the rains will continue during the next hours, while there are already flooding in some parts of the city.

In this sense, the National Water Commission (With water) estimated rainfall moderate to strong in the 16 mayors of Mexico City, as well as the presence of electrical activity and hail.

While the Secretariat for Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection (SGIRPC) limits its rain forecast to southwestern and north from the capital of the country, where he also estimated that cool weather will prevail at night.

However, the SGIRPC itself reported that in the Mixcoac River the downpour of rough waters overcame the retaining wall and flooded a nearby home in the Santa Lucía neighborhood, mayor’s office Alvaro Obregon, where it reached a level of 30 centimeters.

He also reported another flooding, now in the mayor’s office Miguel Hidalgo, where in the Polanco III Section the water reached the 20 centimeters on the low bridge of avenue Mexican National Army, in his corner with Moliere.

Other affectations

On the other hand, around 5:00 p.m. Capital Civil Protection warned about the formation of a flood in Calle 10 and Toluca, in the Third Section of the Chapultepec Forest, in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office, where the water reached the 50 centimeters, with a 100 meter mirror.

Also, in the Second section from the Chapultepec Forest, two other flooding were registered, one in Gregorio Gelati and Gral. Juan Cano, from 20 cm by 30 m, and another in José Vasconcelos and José María Tornel, from 25 cm by 140 m.

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While in the Lomas de Chapultepec II Section colony a 25 cm by 30 m pond was formed in Periférico to the South and Alencastre, also in the Miguel Hidalgo, since in the Alvaro Obregon there was another on Avenida San Isidro Alto Lerma, on the corner of Calle 7, in the Santa Lucia neighborhood, near where the house was later flooded.


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