The prosecution has already voted: it is Claudia

The official story is always short. It only lasts as long as those who write it last in government. Florestan.

The collapse of Line 12 of the Metro, on May 3 of last year, which left 26 dead, a hundred injured and hundreds of thousands of people without transportation, has slipped into the fight for the presidential candidacy in Morena between Claudia Sheinbaum and Marcelo Ebrard.

And I say this because after the tragedy, the government of Mexico City hired a Norwegian company, DNV, which in its first two reports pointed to the design, construction and supervision of the work, the past, and in its first two reports as the cause of the collapse. the third added the maintenance, the present, which was rejected and the break with the signature came.

On Monday, the capital’s Attorney General’s Office, headed by Ernestina Godoy, announced that their opinions conclude that the cause of the collapse was the series of serious defects in construction and inadequate design, Ebrard, and not in maintenance, Sheinbaum. .

And he stressed that the opinions specifically indicated that maintenance is not considered as the cause that caused the failure of the structure.

On Monday that prosecutor’s office will make the accusations before the judge in a hearing in which eight former officials and two representatives of the construction companies will appear.

The case is unbalanced for Ebrard from López Obrador’s preference for Sheinbaum, who does not play in this process, but in the presidential candidacy, and in the unquestionable closeness of the prosecutor with the head of government and her succession project.

She was exonerated by the prosecution. Not Ebrard.

On the contrary. In his government, Line 12 was designed and built, the causes of the collapse, the prosecution concluded


1. ENDORSEMENT.- The International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations demanded that the Mexican government guarantee the safety of air operations. The ASPA spokesman, Captain José Suarez Valdés, confirmed that risk to me and there was no one in the government who responded. They endorse everything to the president so that tomorrow he will respond. For pilots, aviation safety is not negotiable and should not be influenced by political agendas. Adán Augusto López Hernández has not received the letter;

2. OVERESTIMATES.- I don’t know why deputies and senators from Morena sell their trips to the states where there are elections so expensive to support their candidates. Is their presence at a rally really going to give them even one more vote? They are the forms of the old PRIism where electoral tourism is made, a false support; Y

3. SEAL.- The one who came out in support of the president, and not of Sinaloa, was its governor, Rubén Rocha, he said that it was exaggerated, that criminal checkpoints are not a new thing. Isn’t it that (Felipe) Calderón had the checkpoint put up so that it would appear in the national press and spoil the visit to the president?, he asked. There is no doubt that every day they are overcome.

See you tomorrow, but in private.

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