“The power of prayer”: woman prays while men fight and goes viral

A video published recently through social networks has triggered hundreds of comments, after a woman begins to pray to try that a couple of men will stop fighting in the middle of a busy street.

So far the place where the video was filmed has not been released, however, the audiovisual material caught the attention of thousands of users who responded to the unusual reaction of the lady who began to pray at the time the fight was being disputed. between the two motorists.

“Do not fight gentlemen. The Blood of Christ has power”, is heard in the video as the camera focuses on the two men struggling.

Although the lady’s call is ignored, her intention persists and she begins to pray asking that the meeting does not end in a tragedy.

“The devil wants to destroy the happiness of the individual’s heart. The blood of Christ gives peace, because the blood of Christ is life … My God, put peace, do not allow this to happen any more, please in the name of Jesus Christ, Lord, don’t let this happen to more “, the woman continues.

Moments later the men stop fighting and although it is observed that they did not reach any agreement, the two board their vehicles to leave the place.

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Although the woman’s reaction was supported by some users, others responded mockingly, pointing out that it was something that did not help the conflict to end.


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