The pleasant meeting of V of BTS with Jon Batiste, will there be a collaboration with the band or for his mixtape?

South Korean singer, songwriter, model and dancer Kim Taehyungbetter known as Vmember of BTSUS showed two faces at the last Grammy Awards 2022ceremony held annually by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States.

One of these was like idol, the extraordinary artist that he is, conquering the audience and the people present from his arrival on the red carpet, along with his friends from the band, as well as with the wonderful presentation they had on stage, as smooth as butter. the other was that of a fanas can be verified with his nice interaction with the American singer-songwriter Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known in the music industry as Lady Gaga.

After the Grammy gala, BTS’s V had another encounter with an artist he greatly admires and with whom forged a good friendship. It is the singer, composer and conductor Jon Batisteoriginally from Metairie, Louisiana, United States and the multi-winner of the 2022 Grammy Awards (Album of the Year, Best Performance, Best Music Video, Best American Roots Song and Best Soundtrack for Visual Media, for his work on the movie “Soul”).

A free act between Jon Batiste and Kim Taehyung.

Through their respective Instagram accounts, V and Jon Batiste shared with their fans outing they had to a restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada, United Stateswhere the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences award ceremony took place, and where BTS will perform four concerts as part of their new “Permission to dance on stage” world tour.

“Music, food and good vibes with my boy V”, expressed Jon Batiste along with a video where we can see how much fun they had.

In said video, the idol teaches Jon a few words in Korean. “Meeting you, it was fun, yes, I ate well.”

For his part, Tae commented on his Instagram profile, where he has more than 39 million followers, “I ate well, it was delicious.” This post was accompanied by a video of both leaving the restaurant and a couple of photographs of their meeting.

It is worth mentioning that days before the delivery of the Grammys, Jon Batiste had an interview with the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, where he mentioned how great it was to have been in contact with some of the nominees.

“You know, there are a lot of them that I really support, and I’m particularly excited for BTS to perform.” In addition, revealed that he had been in contact with V.

He’s an amazing musician and he’s got a lot of great stuff that they’ve been working on, it’s amazing that this kind of cultural exchange can exist, I love to see the world opening up.

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Given this, the ARMY began to speculate about a collaboration between Bangtan and Jon Batisteor only with V. Maybe Tae could include a duet with him in its first and long-awaited, with great eagerness, solo mixtape.

Will there be a collaboration between Jon Batiste and BTS’s V?

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